Sir George visits Andover FM
16 Nov 2001
Sir George, left, with David Massom and, seated, Mike Keavney
Sir George, left, with David Massom and, seated, Mike Keavney
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One of the first visitors to Andover FM was the local MP, Sir George Young.

ANDOVER FM is seeking to demonstrate to the Radio Authority that Andover deserves its own local radio station, providing a real voice for local people. They believe that local radio should be at the very heart of a community and the success of Independent Local Radio in the UK proves this, with over 150 stations now serving specific communities, Other communities have their own dedicated radio service.

"I hope Andover will get its own local radio station; in fact this is long overdue. Other local communities have their own radio stations, and none of them really covers Andover."

ANDOVER FM will be broadcasting for four-weeks on a trial licence from 15th November - 12th December 2001. Its aim is to obtain sufficient support from the local community to prove beyond doubt to the Radio Authority that Andover should have its own community radio station permanently.

In the long term, ANDOVER FM would benefit local charities, community groups, residents and the business community - ANDOVER FM is seeking to build a station for the whole of the community.
ANDOVER FM has a strong line up of presenters and is keen to encourage contributions from individuals and community organisations throughout Andover to ensure we bring the local news and views that affect people's lives.
Crucially, ANDOVER FM will provide a real voice for local community groups to get involved in their own station.

"All local MP's are worried about the low turn-out at local elections, and at the number fo people - particularly younger people - who have opted out of the political process. An active local radio station can bridge the gap between people and Parliament."

Sir George was interviewed by David Massom and pledged his support to help secure a licence.
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