Sir George address University Conservatives
23 Nov 2001
Sir George with Bristol University students
Sir George with Bristol University students
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After visiting Conservative students in Cambridge on Thursday, Sir George was in Bristol talking to the Conservative Association. Their Chairman is Jonathan Morris (to the right of Sir George in the picture at the back) who is a North West Hants resident at Freefolk near Whitchurch and is reading Civil Engineering.
Some of those who were at the meeting are in the picture. Sir George said that Iain Duncan Smith was establishing the Conservative Party as a party of the centre that focussed on the issues that people mind about. "Since his election, Iain and the Shadow Cabinet have focussed on the delivery of high quality services rather than tax cuts; and haven't been obsessed about Europe. He has made it clear, through his action on the Monday Club, that he has no time for extremism in British politics.
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