Steve Norris explains Hospicom to Sir George
7 Dec 2001

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Steve Norris, one of the Transport Ministers when Sir George was Secretary of State, came to Andover in his role as Non-Executive Director of Hospicom. He is showing the system his company has developed to MP's so that they are aware of how modern technology can make life easier for the hospital patient.

Steve said that HTS was leading the technological revolution which will allow the fulfilment of this vision for the future - "We have developed unique equipment for NHS hospitals, providing every patient access to telephones, televisions and even the internet.
We believe that with this service, we can significantly improve the quality of life for patients in hospitals right across the United Kingdom and provide valuable support to the NHS."

Sir George said that the NHS Plan states that all major hospitals will have access to a bedside TV and telephone for every patient by 2003. "I was very interested to see this system, which can be made available to every patient at no cost to the NHS. Clearly, each hospital will have to look at the other systems that are available as well as Hospicom and decide which is best."

Sir George said he was interested in the potential savings for the NHS. "At the moment, menus are printed each day, taken round the beds, filled in and then collected and taken to the kitchen. With this type of system, the menu can appear on screen and the patient places hir or her order by touching it, and the order goes straight to the kitchen. This can free up staff for direct patient care."
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