Sir George is briefed by police at Tadley
15 Dec 2001
Sir George called in at Tadley police station to be briefed about the Government's plans for police reform.
"It was very interesting to hear from all the ranks that I met about the challenges that confront the police."
"The underlying problem is a shortage of officers - the complement of 140 in the Basingstoke Rural Division is about ten short; and out of that reduced manpower, they have to provide cover for other responsibilities at a regional level. This means that they are overstretched on the ground and therefore unable to provide the level of service they want to.
The pay they get is not competitive. Some officers have left to join the Met, where the allowances can be £6,000 higher; others have left to earn more locally, in computers, security companies and the car trade.
Those that remain are committed to their profession, but frustrated by the increased paperwork they are confonted with. I was given a large number of letters and emails from serving officers, and the main theme was that it was becoming more difficult to do the job because of rules and regulations."
"I hope to take an interest in the Police Reform Bill, and to ensure that the voice of Hampshire is heard. There is a deep feeling of unhappiness in the local force that politicians need to recognise and understand."

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