Broadband for all please - including the countryside!
18 Jan 2002
Sir George Young, MP for North West Hampshire, calls for "Broadband Access for All".

The Government's present strategy for broadband access means continuing uncertainty for the many users who cannot at present get broadband facilities where they live and work, long delays before broadband reaches most rural areas, and no assurance whatever that any particular area will ever get broadband access in the foreseeable future. Eeven with the much lower performance ISDN service, there is uncertainty today. This means that suppliers of services dependent on broadband cannot plan or make the necessary investments, while companies based in the countryside - and local authorities serving rural populations - cannot plan their future use of technology with any confidence.
This was the message from Sir George's speech at a seminar held in Parliament on 17th January 2002, following debate on the Communications Bill and publication of a report by the Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST), "e is for everything?".

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The seminar audience - industry, parliament and government
The seminar audience - industry, parliament and government
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