Winton Tories meet in the Lamb
27 Jan 2002
Andover Conservative's Winton Branch held its first function of the New Year at the Lamb Inn, where a record number of supporters were present.
Speaking at the function, Cllr Alan Smith said that Test Valley Borough Council, under Conservative control, was doing all it could to keep down the local Council Tax, as it approached next year's Budget. "However, it may be that the real pressure will come from the County Council."
Sir George spoke about the recent controversy surrounding the NHS. "The Government appear to want to take the credit when things go well, but avoid the blame when things go badly. That is inconsistent. They also seem obsessed about managing the news, which the public is beginning to resent. And the Prime Minister has begun to say things about the Conservatives which I don't think even he believes. I know of no Tory MP who wants to "run down the NHS so people feel they have to go private." I stood on a manifesto which would have spent at the same level on the NHS, but which pledged to spend it more effectively; and I remain committed to an NHS free at the point of use, available on the basis of need and funded principally from taxation."
He said two processes were necessary for the Conservatives to regain power. "People have got to fall out of love with Labour; and then fall in love with us. The first process is well under way; Iain Duncan Smith and his team must now work on the second"
Sir George listens to Cllr Alan Smith
Sir George listens to Cllr Alan Smith
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