Sir George meets Overton Business Association
8 Feb 2002

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Sir George held a meeting with the Overton Business Association to discuss parking in Overton.

"There already are difficulties finding a parking space in Overton, and the District Council have given planning consent for more houses in and around the village.
The nature of retailing in Overton is also changing, and many of the shops and professionals who are based there draw their customers from North Hampshire generally. Indeed, my meeting was held at an Osteopath Practice, with people coming from Andover and Alton."
"A thriving retail centre is healthy for the village, and stops people driving even further into Basingstoke. Without encouraging excessive reliance on the car, I think we do need to see if more spaces can be found."

Sir George said he would pursue with Basingstoke and Deane District Council the parking survey which has been planned. "This will provide a factual base for any policy discussion." He hoped that, subsequently, the Council would explore options with representatives of the local community, and said it would be important to carry local opinion with the OBA, if progress was to be made.

"I am also pursuing with the Council the possible expansion of the existing carpark off London Rd, which might provide some quick relief."
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