BT responds on Broadband Access
26 Feb 2002
BT has today (26 February 2002) responded to Sir George Young's calls for wider broadband access.

In a dramatic change from its recent position (a freeze on broadband roll out, and a rather downbeat marketing stance, citing low take up as a justification), BT has launched a new marketing campaign, effectively halving prices for their ADSL-based services and making broadband competitive with conventional analogue Internet access. BT states as one of their objectives:
"searching actively for partnerships to extend broadband to less commercially viable areas".

In welcoming this, Sir George mentioned that "I am in active contact with local authorities covering my constituency, to support existing efforts and encourage new efforts to secure early and affordable broadband access for everyone, especially including those in rural areas who will be significantly disadvantaged if they are excluded from broadband by either non-availability or excessive costs."
"Many of my constituents work from home and need fast internet access to conduct their businesses effectively; I hope BT will enable them to get broadband at home by making the necessary adaptations at the exchanges."
The link will take you to the BT announcement.
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Next news: Smannell School holds Art Exhibition to raise funds

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