Sir George opens Artists Weekend
3 Sep 1999
Opening “Meet the Artist” Weekend at No 1 Gallery at 138 Weyhill Rd, Andover on September 3rd, Sir George said he welcomed the initiative of the gallery in making art more accessible.
“No 1 Gallery has combined the oldest technology with the newest. Painting pictures on the side of caves and then on canvass, and chipping away at chunks of stone or marble to make sculptures are both very old technology. Displaying these products on the internet and making them available for sale to peole on the other side of the world at the click of a button is the newest technology.
For those who find art galleries intimidating, but want to buy good modern art, the website launched by No 1 Gallery is the answer.”
“Also, inviting artists in to meet potential buyers and display their skills at work is a further welcome initiative in bringing down the barriers between artists and their market”
Sir George is here in the Gallery, talking to General Manager Carolyne Burbridge.
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