Sir George backs Bushmeat campaign
4 Mar 2002
Sir George signs the petition, with the skull of a gorilla on the table
Sir George signs the petition, with the skull of a gorilla on the table
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I hope we canb preserve some endangered species through this campaign."

"Some of our closest relatives, the gorillas, chimpanzees and bonobos are heading for extinction within 10 - 20 years. The dense tropical forests of Central and West Africa contain some of the most diverse wildlife found on the planet but the recent explosion in unsustainable hunting for the commercial bushmeat trade is threatening the very existence of whole populations of endangered animals. As a result a humanitarian crisis is being created as species are hunted to extinction and forest ecosystems disappear, indigenous forest people will no longer have a secure source of food.£"
"Logging activities, often by European companies, have been a major factor in the rise in the consumption of bushmeat. They have facilitated access for hunters and for bushmeat to be transported into the cities where it has fast become a desirable cor,nmodity. Western demand for tropical forest timber is also fuelling the crisis."
"The UK Campaign being supported by MP's from all parties is fighting to

Raise the Bushmeat crisis at the Johannesburg World Summit.
Press internationally for urgent action to resolve the Bushmeat Crisis.
Launch a customs crack down on the trade into the UK.
Introduce high tariffs on wood produced by companies that do not have or are not working towards the Forest Stewardship Council certification or equivalent independent and credible international certification systems.
Introduce a £1 million Great Apes survival fund similar to the existing US federal fund - to finance work to protect these species.
Recognise that wildlife is an important natural resource for many poor people and that attention to wildlife and conservation issues is entirely consistent with DfiD's poverty eradication agenda.
Ensure when Dfid undertakes Participatory Poverty Assessments (PPA) and constructs Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPS) that the trade in bushmeat is considered in the context of use of natural resources, food security and in poor people's livelihoods.
Ensure appropriate and rigorous Environmental Impact Assessments are conducted for projects specifically addressing the effect of increased access to an area. These should assess potential impact on wildlife caused by the bushmeat trade. Also ensure that appropriate mitigation measures, such as eco-guards and wildlife police are in place.
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