Sir George meets Army at Abbotts Ann Fete
4 Sep 1999
After opening the Abbotts Ann Fete at Bulbery Field on September 4th, Sir George met soldiers who had recently returned from service in Bosnia, who gave up their afternoon to man a display at the fete.
“They have just returned from six months active service, and will be back for another tour of duty next year. Talking to them brought home to me the debt we owe our armed services, as well as reminding me how long they spend away from their families.”
The fete raises money for eight local charities; and also gives a platform to Abbotts Ann Action, which is preparing a Design Statement for the Village.
“I was delighted to hear of the progress being made in raising funds for a village shop, and commend the hard work of Jackie Stanton and her team.”
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