Sir George meets the Floatron
8 Mar 2002
Sir George, Richard Gibbins and the Floatron
Sir George, Richard Gibbins and the Floatron
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Sir George visted Richard Gibbins, who farms outside Overton, to inspect the Floatron.
"I wanted to meet Mr Gibbins for two reasons. First, many farmers are having to diversify away from farming and this struck me as a good example. Second, as someone who has had to look after a swimming pool, I am interested in any product that reduces the use of chemicals."

Richard Gibbins has the UK franchise for Floatron, which has sold well in America and South America and is about to be launched in the UK.

It is basically a portable water purifier which uses solar electric power to ionise water. Ionisation controls algae and other bacteria. The mineral ions produced by the Floatron last for weeks, whereas the impact of chlorine begins to fade after a few hours. The Floatron has no moving parts, and incorporates a solar panel. The mineral electrode lasts between one and two years, costs about £30 and takes a few minutes to replace.

"I wish Richard Gibbins well. There are many pool owners in North West Hampshire who will be interested in the product."

Extraxt from the manufacturer's literature.

Floatron is the original portable Aqua purifier combining solar electric power generation with a process called ionisation. This process was first developed by NASA for use aboard moonbound Apollo spacecraft to maintain pure drinking water. By introducing atomic amounts of specific minerals into water, micro-organisms such as algae and bacteria cannot survive. While these atoms, are completely safe and non-toxic to you, microscopic life forms cannot exist under their influence. Unlike chlorine, which loses potency after only hours, the ions produced by the floatron remain effective for weeks.

How Floatron works
When floating on the water, sunlight is converted into electricity by the advanced technology, solar panel. This harmless, low power current energises a specially alloyed metallic electrode below the waterline. This causes the release of mineral ions into the surrounding water. The ionized water efficiently now controls micro-organisms in your pool.

Some contaminants in your pool such as dust, suntan lotion, body fluids, etc. are affected not by minerals. An accumulation of these things will tend to cloud the water, therefore a small amount of chlorine is necessary to dissolve them to maintain crystal clear conditions. Only small amounts are necessary. AN 80% REDUCTION IN CHLORINE REQUIREMENT IS TYPICAL. If no chlorine at all is preferred, other oxidisers may be substituted such as bromine or oxygen based compounds, which are readily available.

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