Sir George discusses football stadium design with disabled supporters
20 Mar 2002
Sir George talks to Alan Milner and his wife Janet
Sir George talks to Alan Milner and his wife Janet
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At a reception sponsored by One-2 One, Sir George met the Chairman of the Disabled Supporters Club, Alan Milner, and discussed progress in making football more accessible and enjoyable for wheel chair supporters.
"We are moving on from the days when those in wheelchairs were near the touchline at one end. This is a bad place from which to watch the game as you are on the same level; and you are also exposed to the elements. I was interested to hear what has happened at the new Reading Stadium, where disabled supporters will be in the stadium with a good view of the pitch - and able to see when the people in front stand up."

"I commend the work which Alan is doing, with the help of a grant from One 2 One, to encourage other clubs to adopt an enlightened and progressive approach."
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