Ken Livingstone talks on Housing
25 Mar 2002
Ken Livingstone, surrounded by Trustees of HSML
Ken Livingstone, surrounded by Trustees of HSML
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The Trustees of the Harry Simpson Memorial Library asked the Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, to speak at their reception at the Library, which is based in the University of Westminster in Marylebone.

Harry Simpson was Director of Housing at the London Borough of Lambeth in the 1970's, when Sir George and then Ken Livingstone were local councillors and Members of the Housing Committee.

"It was interesting to hear Ken speaking of the housing problems in London in the 1970's, and how similar the approach of the two main parties in Lambeth had been. Much of this was due to the personality of Harry Simpson, who had a clear vision of what was needed, backed up by the ability to persuade the politicians he was right."

"Ken spoke of to-day's housing problems in the capital, and his determination to use the planning system to drive up the percentage of affordable homes towards 50% of all new development. He explained he wanted a genuine mix of housing on the new estates, rather than the traditional approach of the social housing one end, and the market housing at the other."

When Harry Simpson died in 1988, a number of his friends, including John Major, joined together top form the Harry Simpson Memorial Library - the only specialist housing library in the country.
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