Sir George visits Residential Home
6 Sep 1999
Visiting Clifford Residential Home in Alexandra Rd Andover, as part of his tour of small and medium sized businesses in his constituency, organised by the Forum of Private Business, Sir George heard of the challenges that confront residential homes.
“A report has recently been published urging higher space standards for residents. Those running homes are of course anxious to see higher standards; but there is no way they can meet these suggested standards in the short term and many would simply close” Sir George heard that the tariffs paid by the County Councils are much less than current market rents, causing problems for both owners and residents.
“I was very impressed by the quality of care at Cliffords, and met many happy residents; but the pressure on staff is pretty intense, and it is difficult to attract and retain people of the high calibre I met on my visit.”
Sir George is shown with the staff. At the back on the right is Mrs Brenchley, the proprietor; and next to her is Alison Palmer, the area agent for the Forum of Private Business, who arranged Sir George’s tour.
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