Binley holds Daffodil Sunday
7 Apr 2002
Daffodils at Binley
Daffodils at Binley
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Apple blossom at Sladen Green
Apple blossom at Sladen Green
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Two families at Binley and Sladen Green opened their grounds to the public to raise money for Andover Riding for the Disabled. (See extract from programme below.)

"How kind of the Maclays and the Munro-Davies' to let people see the woods around their homes on such a fantastic Sunday. It was a splendid afternoon out, with opportunities to stock up with some fresh local produce."

Thank you for coming to our DAFFODIL SUNDAY.
We hope you will enjoy your afternoon.
Andover Riding for the Disabled was started in
1972 by Mrs Dinah Murdoch and friends with a
group of children from Icknield School in Andover.
Over the years the Group has expanded and we
now have twelve groups in the area. Six of these
groups are for children and six for adults. In
addition we have a driving group for adults. Our
riders range from 2 to 72 years. At Sladen Green
there is a board with a display of the different
With over a hundred riders and drivers benefiting
from the experience of being involved with a horse
or pony each week you can see that we need an
awful lot of volunteers!

If you feel you can help in any way we would love
to hear from you - expertise is not necessary.

Elizabeth Maclay 01264 738229

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