Broadband: Good News for Tadley!
8 Apr 2002
I'm delighted that BT have responded to my campaign to achieve "Broadband Access for All" by including Tadley in a list of one hundred additional exchanges that will be equipped to provide broadband service (ADSL) by the end of May.

Since I started campaigning on Broadband at the turn of the year we have seen a dramatic change in BT's policy. First, BT reduced the price for consumer and small business access to ADSL. Second, they announced a "plug and go" package that reduces the up-front cost on installing ADSL for those who have the necessary confidence in their computer skills to do their own setup. Third, they committed to a nationwide promotional campaign, reversing their previous relatively passive, "wait for the market" line. And now they have reversed their standstill on new exchanges.

Great news for residents and companies in and around Tadley - BT tell me that this means an extra 6000 residents and 900 companies can now opt for broadband there. But a long way to go to fulfil my aim of "Broadband for all", and I will continue to pursue this both nationally and locally.

Click on the link below for a copy of Sir George's full statement about BT's latest announcements.

Click here for more information about Broadband Internet and the state of play in the UK and locally.
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