Sir George visits precision engineering firm
6 Sep 1999
Visiting Longfield Instruments Ltd on the East Portway Industrial Estate in Andover as one of his visits organised by the Forum of Private Business, Sir George heard how difficult it was to attract young people into engineering.
Mr Humphries, shown talking to Sir George, said that his father had started the firm in the 1950’s, and he himself had worked for it for over thirty years. Between then and now, the tradition of young apprentices joining engineering companies had faded away, and young people preferred computers to precision engineering. Nonetheless, the firm had a good order book and an excellent reputation.
“Longfield Instruments is the 21st century equivalent of the local blacksmith, making parts for other people, but in a competitive and capital-intensive industry.”
Most of the firms customers are local firms, and new business comes through personal recommendations from satisfied customers. Mr Humphries and Sir George agreed that it would be better if the UK could produce more of the capital equipment used by the industry.
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