Sir George talks about NHS at Oakley AGM
12 Apr 2002
Speaking at the AGM of Oakley Conservatives at the St Leonards Centre, Sir George said the NHS was letting people down.

"I believe in the ideals of the NHS, - a service that is free at the point of use and available on the bais of need. But we are a long way from those ideals.

The NHS should offer people the best treatment regardless of their ability to pay; but today's NHS just can't do that. So it is letting people down, particularly our elderly and vulnerable. You shouldn't have to use your life savings to save your own life.

No other advanced country runs its Health Service the way we do. I have spoken on health in the House of Commons and suggested we should broaden the base of funding health in this country. I believe the Conservative Party should commit itself to spend as much as the Labour Government has - but we should say we would try to spend it more effectively. We would not change the "fundamentals " of the NHS.
But we should also say we would like that investment complemented by increased health insurance paid for by employers - covering everyone in the workforce and their families.
Health spokesmen have visited other countries that deliver better health care to see what we can learn from them - no one has a system that is based on ours.

There has been a 25% rise in the number of patients who pay for their own operations over the last year. 250,000 people paid for their own operations Last year
Patients who can afford it now travel to South Africa for their operations, rather than wait months on NHS waiting Lists. 77,818 operations were cancelled last year a 54% increase on 1997/8.

There are now more administrators in the NHS than beds for the first time - 212,000 administrators compared with 199,730 beds. No one who believes in the NHS can be happy with this, and so we should look afresh at how we run the NHS to see if we can't do better.
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