What a lottery!
24 Oct 2002
What a Lottery!
I need your help; somewhere in North West Hampshire, someone has been designated a "National Lottery Community Outlet" and Camelot won’t tell me who.
Let me explain. In my postbag every day are letters from people called Government Relations Managers. These are well-paid people, whose job it is to enlist the support of Members of Parliament for whatever product or service their employer is selling. The letter pays tribute to the hard-work of the local MP in some particular field, explains how the company has exactly the right product/service to meet the need that keeps the MP awake at night; and suggests a lunch with the aforesaid Government Relations Manager at some congenial watering-hole near Westminster. Most go straight into the waste paper basket.
A letter dated September 20th which arrived from the Government Relations Manager from Camelot Group plc escaped this fate. It brought welcome news. "I am pleased to advise that a National Lottery retailer in your constituency has recently been designated a National Lottery "Community Outlet."

As "the identification of Community Outlets plays a significant role in maximising the returns to the Good Causes whilst maintaining accessibility to the National Lottery" I want to visit the outlet, accompanied hopefully by the diligent photographer from the local paper, and play my part in keeping the show on the road. The letter ended with a warning that, if sales don't exceed a given amount, "terminals may be relocated to another outlet."

I wrote on September 26th to the Government Relations Manager asking for details. Where was this enterprising shop that had recently received this accolade?
There was a long delay, during which time the winning ticket I might have bought from the outlet missed 3 Saturday draws. And then the reply arrived in a letter dated October 21st. I quote from the letter, because otherwise you would not believe the message it contained.
“Unfortunately, as a result of the Data Protection Act, I am unable to provide further details of the Community Outlet mentioned in my letter of 20 September.”
So I need your help. Somewhere, there is a Community Outlet which would hopefully want to welcome its MP, appear on his website –www.sirgeorgeyoung.org.uk – and sell him a ticket or two. A small percentage of the proceeds would go to Camelot Group plc, in turn enabling the Government Relations Manager to write more letters to local MP’s, enabling them in turn to write articles about the Lottery.
But I don’t know where it is. Could someone let me know? And then I will ask the Data Protection Registrar if its OK to go there with the photographer from the local paper.
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