To Blog or not to Blog . . .
5 Aug 2003
I freely admit that when Tim Ireland - whom I'd never met - wrote suggesting that I should become 'the first Conservative MP with a weblog', this was the first I'd heard of such a thing. So I investigated.

"A weblog is an online diary", I discovered. But I already have an online diary.

Yes, but "instead of publishing more or less static content that explains who you are and what you care about, a weblog format allows you to express yourself a sentence at a time. You tell people what's happening, as it happens". Intriguing. But I do already do a lot of that, through Constituency news and Parliamentary news.

But then "A valid weblog will have a pronounced effect on the two top search databases on the planet - Google and Yahoo". Sounds good. Everyone wants their website to be easily found through Google. So I checked this out. When I searched Google, using 'broadband Kingsclere', Kingsclere being one of the places in my constituency where people are concerned about when and how they will get broadband, I was pleasantly surprised to find my website as the very first site mentioned. They tell me this is not readily achieved. I didn't come across any weblogs in the first few pages, but perhaps neither broadband nor Kingsclere are the kinds of things that 'bloggers' blog about? Yes, more new words to dine out on - people who keep a weblog are 'bloggers'.

I've scouted around a few weblog sites (see Tim Ireland's site, linked below, for links to a few run by UK politicians), but for the moment decided this is not for North West Hampshire. Maybe it's good for free-flowing multi-way conversations open to everyone in cyberspace, but most of us go online for quick access to well-structured information, and I found with the blogs I looked at I had to plough through a lot of stuff in the hope of finding something intriguing.

For the moment I've put it in the 'look again next year' pigeon hole.
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