An Evening to remember
30 Dec 1999

The pubs in North Hampshire are not without initiative, and to promote trade over the Christmas holiday, our local pub advertised a fancy dress evening. The theme was to be the Pirates of Penzance, and the regulars were determined to rise to the challenge by disguising themselves as Pirates, members of the Cornwall constabulary, or daughters of Major General Stanley. Those with voices rehearsed some of the better known choruses.
When the day arrived, one of our elderly neighbours was unaware of the plot. Looking out from behind her net curtain, she espied a man with an eye-patch, bearing a lethal looking cutlass, removing a camcorder from the boot of a car in the pub carpark. Unhesitatingly, she dialled 999.
Meanwhile, proceedings in the pub were well underway, as the Pirates of North Hampshire quaffed their beer or their rum, and propositioned the nubile daughters of the Major General. Suddenly, the door of the pub burst open, and in rushed a number of policeman charged with the arrest of the armed robber. There was a moment of silence; and then spontaneous applause for the authenticity of the uniforms and behaviour of the recently arrived guests.
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