13 Feb 2000
Going through the library at the family home some time ago, I came across a book of some value – a first edition of Piers Plowman, one of the first books ever to be printed. Not wishing to keep the light under a bushel, or to be burdened with the cost of insuring it, I wrote to the Librarian at the college I had attended at Oxford – Christ Church. Although I had not spent much time in it during the three years I was there, I knew it to be a fine Library, with some Leonardo sketches.
I told the Librarian that I would be visiting Oxford the following week, and wondered whether he would like the book to add to the collection.
“Dear Young” he replied “I would be happy to take delivery of Piers Plowman. Would you at the same time please return Language, Truth and Logic by A J Ayer, which you borrowed in 1961 and failed to return?”
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