Can I count on your support?
30 Apr 2005
It certainly wasn't a village - barely a hamlet. One large house, and eight smaller ones, miles from anywhere else. We were told that if we went up a rutted track we would find two isolated cottages. I doubt if anyone had ever canvassed them before, so off I went in search of electoral reward.
And there they were; outside one of the cottages, an elderly gentleman was mowing his lawn.
So committed was he to the task that it was some time before my giant blue rosette attracted his attention.
Before I could release my well-rehearsed patter on him, he pointed his finger at me and asked "Do you know what is wrong with this country?"
The correct answer was yes, but the diplomatic one was no.
"Tell me " I said
"Too many foreigners"
I scanned the horizon for any evidence of life - but there was not even another house to be seen, let alone a living creature.
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