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7 Dec 2005
David  and Sam Cameron at the ICA, The Mall
David and Sam Cameron at the ICA, The Mall
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I know it's a terrible picture - David's eyes are red and Sam's are closed. But I am going to put it on the website. Here's why.
Conservative MP's were invited to a celebratory party at the ICA in the Mall at 7pm, four hours after David Cameron was declared leader.
I bicycled from the House, chained it to a railing, put the helmet into my rucksack along with the luminous belt and cycle clips, combed my hair and headed for the venue.
If you go to a meeting like this with a rucksack, you can expect to be stopped. "Can you prove your identity, Sir? Very nice. Do you mind if we have a look inside the rucksack?" Fair enough; they have a job to do and I could have been anyone.
But once inside, I was with my mates. At 7.30 we were ushered into the entrance hall, to give our new Leader a warm welcome for the benefit of the assembled media. We did so. I took a picture. A nanosecond after the flash went off, a steely hand gripped my arm. "No photographs in here".
There is a scene in the Godfather where one of the paperazzi is caught taking surreptitious photos of the family wedding - at which many of the guests were camera shy. Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) rips the camera out of the paperazzi's hands, opens it and takes out the film. He exposes it to the light, throws some dollar bills on the ground to pay for a new roll of Kodak, and goes back to the party.
I was expecting the digital equivalent to happen - with the memory chip thrown into a glass of champagne, to make sure the outside world would never know who was there. It didn't - and the evidence is on the page for all to see. If I hadn't been reprimanded, I doubt if I would have lowered the quality of photos on the website by including it.
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