New Year Resolutions
22 Dec 2006
Readers will be reflecting on what to give up for the New Year, so, in the hope of informing their decisions, I share with them my New Year Resolutions for 2007.

I will fill up the car the moment the fuel gauge starts blinking, instead of leaving it to my wife.
I will forgive the constituent who posted his Christmas cards to his (former) friends without a stamp, obliging us all to go to Bridge St to collect it, in return for what John Major would have called a not inconsiderable sum.
I will canvass for my Party in the local elections in May with a spring in my step and a song in my heart.
I will get my hair cut before my wife tells me it is too long.
I will buy all my fresh vegetables from the Farmers Market in Andover
I will increase my monthly subscription to my grandchildren’s Child Trust Funds, so they have a chance of putting down a deposit on a beach hut in Bournemouth in which to live when they grow up (probably together).
I will book our summer holiday before the office fills August with constituency engagements.
I will not grumble when my wife donates my favourite clothes to the Charity Shop.
I will not go to the Charity shop and buy them back.
I will smile when the car radio is retuned by a younger member of the family from Classic FM to some ghastly local disc jockey.
I will turn off my mobile phone before I read the lesson in Church
I will increase the photographs of other people on my website, and reduce my own personal appearances.
I will have the correct change (£1.15) instead of a £20 note for the Cango bus driver who takes me from Penton to Andover Station on a Monday morning.
I will take down the last remaining poster from the 2005 General Election, which still exhorts the electorate to “Keep Young”, visible from the A34.
I will not close my eyes in the Commons chamber, in case the camera focuses on me and my constituents think I am sleeping instead of concentrating
Even if I don’t believe it will happen, I will have my Election Address ready for a snap General Election, called by Gordon Brown in February.
I will not pass on all the insoluble constituency cases to local councillors
I will not offer to help my wife with the Times Sudoku when I know she has got it wrong

I will write my articles for the website well before the deadline, so I don’t have to email them before they have been properly fin….

Happy New Year
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