What's in a name?
2 Aug 2008
Bicycling through Andover the other day, I noticed that there are now more fellow-cyclists on the road, doubtless driven out of their cars by the high cost of petrol. This growth in two-wheeled traffic is accompanied by a welcome exercise by Test Valley Borough Council, who want to make the town a more cycle-friendly place. My thoughts about how to assist them were distracted when I saw a van belonging to a company that made garage doors. It had ingeniously combined the name of the town with the name of the product it promoted “Up-And-over Garage Doors” was emblazoned on the vehicle.
Could this lateral thinking not be more widely applied, I asked myself, harnessing pride in the town with some new names for the businesses that trade in it.? I share my suggestions with readers, and will be looking for a response from the progressive thinkers in the trading community in the town.
Is there a market for a new bank in the town with the challenging title “Andover Your Money”? – or possibly in these challenging times “AndOverdraft” ? ; should we not have a fish restaurant invitingly called “AnDover Sole”, next to a new pub (not that the town needs any more pubs) called “AndOverindulge.”
We already have two well-established undertakers, but I believe there is room for a third, “AndOver My Dead Body.” Could Thruxton Airfield be renamed “LAndover There”, and what about a new photocopying service “ Over Andover Again”.
There don’t seem to be many architects in the town, so a new firm called “Plandover” might find a ready market; and those who are worried about their pallour on the beach might patronise a sunbed shop called “Tannedover” . And how about a new boxing Club “Andover Fist”; and a mens’ outfitter “AndOvercoat”; and a new pharmacy in the Chantry centre “AndOverdose”
Could we have a rival for Stagecoach with a new bus service along the B3400 “Whitchurch AndOverton”; or, if you prefer the railway, a new service “AndOverground”. If neither take off, we could take our custom to a new car-hire firm “AndOverdrive.”
The new cinema, instead of being called Reels, could have been “Andover Head Projector” and a new bookshop could be called “AndOverleaf”. The new Premier Hotel by 100 Acre roundabout could have been “AndOverNight” and we could have a new travel company selling cruises “AndoverSeas”
I believe this particular seam has been well and truly quarried; work will stop before people start saying there is a room for a new MP.
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