These are some of the matters that constituents have raised with me. Click on any item for more details.

Note that:

  1. No details about constituents or others who raise questions or issues with me are published.
  2. No details are passed to third parties except where this is appropriate in assisting the constituent - for example when a constituent asks me to represent their interests to ministers etc.
  3. Questions shown here may be edited in the interests of brevity or where there might be clues to the identity of any persons.

You will notice that there are no recent items. I do still respond to matters raised by constituents directly or through this website, but having re-joined the Cabinet as Leader of the House I regret that pressure of time makes it impractical for me to undertake the additional effort of putting the questions and answers online!

11-May-10 Forming a new Government
10-May-10 Negotiations with the Lib Dems
04-Apr-10 The Ban of Electronic Dog and Cat Collars
25-Mar-10 tadley youths.
16-Feb-10 MP's expenses
18-Jan-10 Marriage...or not .
25-Nov-09 Closure of HSBC branch in Whitchurch
24-Nov-09 PMQ's
05-Nov-09 EU
17-Oct-09 M/S Jacqui Smith
29-Sep-09 Referendum on PR plus Care Green Paper
11-Sep-09 Development Andover Airfield
16-Jun-09 Speaker of the House
09-Jun-09 Constitutional Reform
07-Jun-09 the Furore over MPs expenses and pay
24-May-09 network railcard changes
24-May-09 Expenses - Transparency
24-May-09 Expenses
22-May-09 Your expenses
22-May-09 Events over the last two weeks
20-May-09 Honouable Members
19-May-09 Election of Speaker of the House
19-May-09 Your website
19-May-09 Speaker
19-May-09 Speaker of the House of Commons
18-May-09 Inland Revenue
17-May-09 Parliamentary expenses
16-May-09 Expenses
16-May-09 Call for election
15-May-09 RE: Cervical cancer jabs for 12 year olds
15-May-09 MP expenses
10-May-09 Thinking Out of the Box
09-May-09 MP Expenses
07-May-09 1. Tickets for PM's Questions and 2. Gas/electricity pricing
13-Apr-09 Retail Trading
03-Apr-09 Support
26-Mar-09 Equitable Life
17-Mar-09 University Fees
04-Mar-09 dentist
03-Mar-09 RBS Debacle
02-Mar-09 Removal of Peerages and Knighthoods for Failure
28-Feb-09 What a mess we are in!
27-Feb-09 Autism Bill
27-Feb-09 Government view on curent financial situation a specialy at homeowners situation
27-Feb-09 Litter
24-Feb-09 State survelliance and the right to quiet enjoyment.
17-Feb-09 Making localism work
13-Feb-09 B343 and Howerd Tenon lorry
12-Feb-09 MP Geert Wilders
10-Feb-09 MP Expenses
19-Jan-09 MP's Expenses
18-Jan-09 TVBC Annual Parking Permits
13-Jan-09 Heathrow third runway
12-Jan-09 Tickets for PMQ,s
29-Dec-08 Winchester & Eastleigh Hospital
05-Dec-08 The Andover Airfield Develpoment
05-Dec-08 Naomi House Commons Debate
28-Nov-08 Andover airfield development
27-Nov-08 Other
23-Nov-08 Increase in non-regulated rail fares
12-Nov-08 Post Office Card Accounts
11-Nov-08 Highclere Enabling Developemnt
29-Oct-08 PMQs
27-Oct-08 BBC - Brand and Ross
19-Oct-08 Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill
12-Oct-08 Problems with speed on B3400 by Deane Gate Inn
04-Sep-08 Tesco Megashed
04-Sep-08 Your support for the rejection of the Megashed
02-Sep-08 Megashed Meeting
18-Aug-08 Georgia
15-Aug-08 Georgia
14-Aug-08 Changes to Planning Law Complaints
14-Aug-08 Access to Doctors surgery's
03-Aug-08 Deaf children This is not a request for help!
16-Jul-08 House of Lords
10-Jul-08 Closure of Basingstoke car test centre
07-Jul-08 "Fair fuel stabliser"
05-Jul-08 MPs' Expenses
04-Jul-08 Local Housing Development
04-Jul-08 Non-recognition of Mugabe
18-Jun-08 Lisbon Treaty
05-Jun-08 proposed polyclinics for GPs
02-Jun-08 Help for Heroes
31-May-08 Politics
31-May-08 Tesco Andover
08-May-08 Thatch
02-May-08 Andover War Memorial hospital
29-Apr-08 Composting and killing worms!
20-Apr-08 Police Family Liaison Officers
17-Apr-08 Highclere Air Crash
14-Apr-08 MoD Cutbacks
08-Apr-08 Public Transport
07-Apr-08 scraping 10 pence on low paid
22-Mar-08 Embryology Bill.
21-Mar-08 conway
21-Mar-08 Mr Conway
20-Mar-08 Balksbury Infant School
16-Mar-08 Car Tax Hike
15-Mar-08 Underage Drinking in Watermills Park Andover
12-Mar-08 British Summer Time
12-Mar-08 Abortion
11-Mar-08 Lighter sentences for 'desperate' thieves
07-Mar-08 I D Cards
14-Feb-08 David Miliband speech 13.2.08.
09-Feb-08 MPs Expenses
07-Feb-08 GP's and the Government
06-Feb-08 Expenses
05-Feb-08 Fluoridation in water
31-Jan-08 MP's Expenses
23-Jan-08 Government deep cleaning in Hospitals
21-Jan-08 Horse dealer licensing
20-Jan-08 Asda alcohol licence
07-Jan-08 Getting people back to work
17-Dec-07 New visa rules - what do you think?
11-Dec-07 Post office - performance and closures
07-Dec-07 Police Pay and what it means for the MOD Police
30-Nov-07 English Parliament for English voters
27-Nov-07 Teacher in Sudan
21-Nov-07 HMRC Data loss.
21-Nov-07 Scottish Claim of Right
21-Nov-07 HMRC fiasco
20-Nov-07 lost bank details by the taxman again
20-Nov-07 Bus Stop Sign
19-Nov-07 Speeding Penalties
06-Nov-07 Nigel Hastilow
26-Oct-07 EU treaty and referendum
14-Oct-07 MegaShed
11-Oct-07 Andover Airport site
09-Oct-07 Budget Report - Capital Gains Tax
04-Oct-07 Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill
29-Sep-07 The Labour Party
09-Sep-07 £200 payments to pregnant women
07-Sep-07 NATS Terminal Control South West Airspace Development
06-Sep-07 Environment
23-Aug-07 Brits leaving the UK
21-Aug-07 Tesco Warehouse
12-Aug-07 Tesco Dept
09-Aug-07 Proposed Tesco Warehouse
09-Aug-07 TESCO proposal for new depot
09-Aug-07 Tesco Proposed Warehousing - Andover Airfield
09-Aug-07 Tesco Warehouse
08-Aug-07 Andover Airfield Warehouse
08-Aug-07 Tesco's Planning Application
08-Aug-07 TESCO Development of Andover Airfield
07-Aug-07 Proposed Tesco warehouse
06-Aug-07 Objection to Andover Airfield Development
06-Aug-07 Tesco Warehouse.
04-Aug-07 Andover Airfield Mega Depot
03-Aug-07 Planning proposal andover airfield
03-Aug-07 scats
03-Aug-07 Andover Airfield Development
02-Aug-07 Andover Airfield.
02-Aug-07 A303 Road Noise - proposed giant Tesco Warehouse
01-Aug-07 Planning Application - Former Andover Airfield (Tesco)
31-Jul-07 Andover Airfield - Proposed Development
07-Jul-07 Smacking
03-Jul-07 The initials Bt
14-Jun-07 Our Post Office is closing
06-Jun-07 Old People
27-May-07 Grammar Schools
22-May-07 revised EU constitution
16-May-07 Local Borough and Parish Elections
23-Apr-07 NHS Waiting Lists - Statistics
20-Apr-07 Discharge of treated sewage
23-Mar-07 Workshy Britain
21-Mar-07 Off-Road Vehicles Registration Bill
20-Mar-07 rebuilding fund for St. Mary Bourne fire
12-Mar-07 Social Homebuy
10-Mar-07 EDM 288 - Housing for ex-HMF
08-Mar-07 lords reform
06-Mar-07 Whats the point in working for a living.
02-Mar-07 Modernising Medical Careers
27-Feb-07 family values
25-Feb-07 Discrimination against those living in England
23-Feb-07 "Missile Defence"
13-Feb-07 replacing Trident - an opinion
12-Feb-07 EDM 882
10-Feb-07 Pensions - early Day Motion
10-Feb-07 Road Tax
05-Feb-07 Harveys
26-Jan-07 NHS Database
19-Jan-07 Global Warming
13-Jan-07 NHS
04-Jan-07 Train fares v the green approach
04-Jan-07 Passports, and premium phone numbers for 'public information'
20-Dec-06 Travel between Southampton-Newbury-Oxford
16-Dec-06 Parking at overton station
12-Dec-06 Fuel Prices In Andover
12-Dec-06 Clocks
11-Dec-06 The premium rate telecommunications sector
02-Dec-06 Smoking in enclosed public places
01-Dec-06 'Tosser Test'
20-Nov-06 ABC - How did that happen?
15-Nov-06 overdevelopment of conservation site
14-Nov-06 compensation for prison drug addicits
10-Nov-06 "Terrorists"
29-Oct-06 re-cycling
29-Oct-06 EDM 2699 Freedom of Information Act charging proposals
20-Oct-06 England Disadvantaged
20-Oct-06 Stamp Duty and the Abortive (almost) Valuation Packs
14-Oct-06 When will the UK wake up?
09-Oct-06 Prison overcrowding
04-Oct-06 Breastfeeding in public
02-Oct-06 How Australia do things
26-Sep-06 Harrow Way Performing Arts
04-Sep-06 Our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan
23-Aug-06 Party selection of prospective MP's
22-Aug-06 Eastern european workers
13-Aug-06 airport security
28-Jul-06 Lebanon Conflict
26-Jul-06 Dental charges for children, Children-only NHS contracts for Dentists
25-Jul-06 War in Lebanon
24-Jul-06 Hatherden Broadband
23-Jul-06 Home Inspectors
19-Jul-06 Andover Carnival
14-Jul-06 NatWest Three
13-Jul-06 Recommendations To Close Shepherds Spring Schools
05-Jul-06 Bus fare increases
27-Jun-06 excess speed in Great shoddesden
26-Jun-06 Flying the flag
08-Jun-06 Climate change
17-May-06 Road works at Wash Water
07-May-06 andover hospital
24-Apr-06 St Benedicts Pre-School and Nursery
21-Apr-06 Shepherds Spring Junior School Fete
21-Apr-06 Roads
09-Apr-06 English Parliament
09-Apr-06 Gordon Brown
04-Apr-06 Housing Act -HIPS
27-Mar-06 Wild Bird Imports
22-Mar-06 Vehicle Taxation
17-Mar-06 Onetel
10-Mar-06 Education Bill
22-Feb-06 Climate Change
15-Feb-06 Smoking
14-Feb-06 Gordon Brown
05-Feb-06 South West Trains/ Season ticket prices
04-Feb-06 Tail Docking
31-Jan-06 Reject the Religious Hatred Bill!
30-Jan-06 Inspectors recommendations for Picket Piece
27-Jan-06 Specialist Schools
22-Jan-06 Anton FM
20-Jan-06 English votes
19-Jan-06 New Street Medical Centre
17-Jan-06 New Street Medical Closure
16-Dec-05 schools sports presentation
29-Nov-05 Hampshire Police Authority - proposed merger
19-Nov-05 Andover Rail Station Car Park
16-Nov-05 World War 1 Veterans
15-Nov-05 90 Day Detention
10-Nov-05 Terrorism Act
10-Nov-05 Terrorism Bill 90 days detention, and the Amendment
08-Nov-05 Rail transport - Andover
20-Oct-05 Leadership Election
19-Oct-05 Tory Leadership
18-Oct-05 Ken Clarke
18-Oct-05 Removal of disabled parking at Tesco Andover
28-Sep-05 Conservative Leadership Campaign
20-Sep-05 Slip Road Near DLO Andover
11-Sep-05 Andover Town Centre "Pedestrian Area"
05-Sep-05 Petrol prices
04-Sep-05 leadship elections
26-Aug-05 Andover Hospital
23-Aug-05 Mo Mowlam
18-Aug-05 Anti British political activists in the UK
07-Aug-05 The withdrawl of Coproximal
07-Aug-05 ME - EDM 260
02-Aug-05 The Legal Drinking Age
27-Jul-05 Age discrimination
25-Jul-05 Maternity care and general healthcare in Andover
06-Jul-05 Sporting Tickets
17-Jun-05 Incitement to Religious Hatred Bill
12-Jun-05 Articulated lorries using Cattle Lane
08-Jun-05 Ambulance service
29-May-05 Basingstoke and Deane
25-May-05 ID Cards
24-May-05 Speeding.
02-May-05 Well Wishes
29-Apr-05 NHS Dental services
26-Apr-05 Mobile Phone masts
25-Apr-05 Stamp Duty
24-Apr-05 Forthcoming Election
24-Apr-05 Invitation and good luck message
22-Apr-05 Votes
21-Apr-05 What will the Conservatives do for me!
21-Apr-05 global warming
18-Apr-05 CSA
13-Apr-05 ID Cards, ASBOs etc
09-Apr-05 Public Transport in Tadley.
28-Mar-05 School Meals
22-Mar-05 Council tax
12-Mar-05 Telephone fraud
27-Feb-05 Secure Unit
25-Feb-05 0870 tel numbers
25-Feb-05 Andover Plan
04-Feb-05 Regional Assemblies
30-Jan-05 Detention without trial.
27-Jan-05 Teachers, parents and discipline
12-Jan-05 Test Valley development plan
04-Jan-05 Proposed new houses
17-Dec-04 Basingstoke amateur operatic society
08-Dec-04 Householders and
17-Oct-04 UK Troop Deployments in IRAQ
13-Oct-04 Road closure to Hannington
27-Sep-04 VJ Day 60th anniversary
14-Sep-04 Parliament Act & Fox Hunting - A Matter of National Urgency?
31-Aug-04 Citizenship for the Ghurkas
27-Aug-04 Andover Library
27-Aug-04 Home Office’s Firearms Controls consultation
13-Aug-04 Guidelines for abortion on under-16s
03-Aug-04 Abortions for Under 16 year olds
22-Jul-04 premium rate phone numbers
20-Jul-04 Education
19-Jul-04 Retirement Age & Ageism
05-Jul-04 ICSTIS
29-Jun-04 premium rate calls
10-Jun-04 Thanks for your opposition to Motorcycle Rally
04-Jun-04 Forestry Commission Irresponsibility
17-May-04 Cycling
05-May-04 Home Education
03-May-04 Civil Service Pay
29-Apr-04 Feedback - Web Site Information
09-Apr-04 Referenda and other issues
02-Apr-04 Cango Bus service
28-Mar-04 Scrapping of RB Sea Harriers
23-Mar-04 Gender Recognition Bill
22-Mar-04 community broadband and lack of governement help
16-Mar-04 Broadband Regional Aggregation Boards
28-Feb-04 use of Image Consultants by the Health &Safety Executive
19-Feb-04 GM Crops
19-Feb-04 Local elections - two-councillor wards/divisions
10-Feb-04 Deaths increase as cameras replace officers
05-Feb-04 Daily Mirror Newspaper
30-Jan-04 Regional Assemblies
28-Jan-04 Devolved Scottish parliament
12-Jan-04 Amnesty International
07-Jan-04 EDM 96
04-Jan-04 the elderly and care homes - who should pay?
01-Jan-04 QPR
11-Dec-03 Economic measures
04-Dec-03 Letter in Daily Telegraph
18-Nov-03 Yet MORE jobs being exported - but they're open about it now !.
11-Nov-03 Cookham Bathing and Boating Society
31-Oct-03 Voting
29-Oct-03 Conservative Party Leadership
29-Oct-03 leadership farce
25-Oct-03 Broadband
19-Oct-03 Admiral George Young
14-Oct-03 AWE Rec. Soc. Bar
30-Sep-03 Parliament is not our Constitution
23-Sep-03 Mental Incapacity Bill
18-Sep-03 Broadband for Primary Schools
18-Sep-03 Broadband in Rural Areas
18-Sep-03 Child benefit
12-Sep-03 European Constitution
02-Sep-03 Oaths and Allegiances
19-Aug-03 Renouncing EU Citizenship
08-Aug-03 GM Crops
31-Jul-03 AWE Rec Soc
30-Jul-03 Aldermaston Recreational Society - Threatened Closure.
30-Jul-03 MMR and the Courts
23-Jul-03 UN Staus of Refugees and Asylum Seekers
16-Jul-03 Fund Diversion
08-Jul-03 Hunting with Dogs Bill
02-Jul-03 Objective study of EU membership
27-Jun-03 child tax credit
26-Jun-03 Citizenship
25-Jun-03 finger scanning at schools
21-Jun-03 I.T. Job being outsourced offshore.
20-Jun-03 Broadband
18-Jun-03 Option to reduce Pensions shortfall
16-Jun-03 Regional Assemblies
04-Jun-03 Peers vote to amend sexual offences bill
03-Jun-03 BLAIR
31-May-03 Broadband
30-May-03 Broadband campaign
28-May-03 Facilities in Andover
26-May-03 Broadband
20-May-03 Peter Hain
07-May-03 Sentencing framework proposal
20-Apr-03 Broadband in Whitchurch
19-Apr-03 Rural Broadband
09-Apr-03 Application to demolish Nursing Home in Whitchurch
02-Apr-03 Rural broadband in place
01-Apr-03 The War and Afterwards
31-Mar-03 Broadband Access for All Campaign
26-Mar-03 Broadband campaign
25-Mar-03 Iraq
23-Mar-03 BT ADSL broadband does not work over fibre cables!
21-Mar-03 Your decision to vote with the Gov on Iraq war
19-Mar-03 Iraq war
17-Mar-03 iraq
17-Mar-03 Please take action to stop the impending war.
11-Mar-03 Clare Short
10-Mar-03 Broadband in Laverstoke
05-Mar-03 A strong opposition
27-Feb-03 Iraq
23-Feb-03 Iraq
20-Feb-03 Broadband in 'rural' areas
10-Feb-03 Iraq
09-Feb-03 lack of Broadband availability
25-Jan-03 Stop the War
20-Jan-03 Iraq
06-Jan-03 War on terrorism...
06-Jan-03 Policing and Popham
28-Dec-02 Planned School Parliament Visit
24-Oct-02 Proposed development in Tadley (Smiths Field)
22-Oct-02 Damaging the economy?
22-Oct-02 Funding of political parties
28-Jul-02 Scotland
28-Jul-02 War on Iraq
09-Jul-02 Arms Supplies
01-Nov-01 How do you find time to put so much stuff on this web site?
01-Nov-01 How can I get your support to a charitable activity?
01-Nov-01 How can I get you to visit my company?
01-Nov-01 Why did you want to be an MP?

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