Cameron sets out Conservative Aims and Values
1 Mar 2006
David Cameron with Sir George at St Mary Bourne
David Cameron with Sir George at St Mary Bourne
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At a rally of supporters on 28th February 2006, David Cameron set out his vision of modern compassionate Conservatism, spelling out the aims and values of the Party he plans to lead to victory at the next general election.

And after unveiling his statement of values at a rally of Party members in London, the Conservative Leader invited Conservatives to debate and discuss his ideas - set out in a document entitled "Built to Last" - after which a final version will be put to a ballot of the entire membership.

Setting out the case for change, Mr Cameron has declared that "we are a modern, compassionate Conservative Party, whose enduring values mean that we believe in trusting people, sharing responsibility, championing freedom, and supporting the institutions and culture we share as one nation".

He says the aims of the Party are to improve the quality of life for everyone through a dynamic economy, where thriving businesses create jobs, wealth and opportunity; a strong society, where families, communities and nation create secure foundations on which people can build their lives; and a sustainable environment, where the beauty of our surroundings are enhanced and the future of the planet is protected.

Calling on the Party to be a voice for change, optimism and hope, he says of Conservative values: "The more we trust people, the stronger they and society become. We're all in this together - government, business, the voluntary sector, families and individuals. We have a shared responsibility for our shared future."

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