Here is the "mini-manifesto" that summarises the policy approaches of Conservative candidates in the Basingstoke and Deane local council elections, to take place on Thursday, 2nd May 2002.

If other parties fielding candidates in the local election would like their policies posted on my web site please see the note at the foot of this page.


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 Save our Green Fields





 the Elderly

 Economic Development

 Local Government Costs and Spending


Other Local Issues

The Government, supported by this Council’s Labour and Liberal Democrat Administration, are committed to building the wrong houses in the wrong places. Basingstoke is required by the Labour Government to provide for the building of another 12000 homes in the next ten years. The Conservatives will work to restore a sensible balance and will oppose Major Development Areas.

We Conservatives will reverse the blatant anti car user policies proposed by the Lib/Lab Administration. We will provide a real public transport system as well as supporting car users.
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The Conservatives will campaign for a reduction of crime in Urban and Rural areas, as well as providing resources to support the reduction of the causes of crime.
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We Conservatives would support all measures to reduce vandalism and intimidation and encourage the use of ‘Drop in Centres’.
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Under the new Partnership working arrangements the Conservatives will campaign and lobby against the current disgraceful NHS policies. We will advocate treating the sickest patients first.
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The Conservatives will support the needs and concerns of the Elderly. Conservatives will provide for SUPPORTED living in Basingstoke, which has been neglected by this Lib/Lab Administration. We will raise the awareness of their problems at all levels.
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The Conservatives will encourage business investment in the Borough by providing easier access for employees, whether by improved public transport or by stopping the discrimination against the car user. We will also ensure the existence of top-level infrastructures to maintain and improve the local economy and prosperity by helping to attract and retain staff.
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The Conservatives believe in value for money and we will maintain open accountability of the Councils’ budget. We will cut the costs of Best Value Review and Public Relations budgets and direct them to real services. Importantly we will not spend more than we receive, thereby safeguarding our future. We will review the fairness of Parish and Town precepts.
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The Conservatives recognise that despite the Borough’s wealth there is a problem of Housing and Homelessness. We shall find an alternative shelter to replace Beechwood Lodge so shamefully closed by this LIB/LAB Administration.
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As well as the main policy areas listed above, your local candidate will be able to tell you our policies regarding issues of more specific local interest, such as Play Areas, Aerial Masts, Drop-in-Centres, and Waste.
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Note: As Member of Parliament for North West Hampshire I will be happy to post an equivalent news item and local page here for other parties that are fielding candidates in the May 2002 local election. If you would like me to do that, please send the text as an email or in a Word document to me at Please note that your text should please not be significantly longer than the one I have posted here for the Conservative candidates!

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