Confidentiality of Personal Information

In common with all other individuals and organisations, Members of Parliament are required to operate within the provisions of the Data Protection Act 1998. I am registered with the Information Commissioner, registration number Z6854751.

This page tells you how I meet those requirements.

Personal information

I treat as confidential any personal information that constituents pass to me. I normally allow my staff to see this information so that they can help me to help the consituent; my staff also respect the confidentiality of information from and about constituents.

Passing information to appropriate third parties

I may need to pass some or all such information on to Government Departments or Agencies (for example the Department for Work and Pensions, the CSA, a local Housing Department) in order to obtain further information or help regarding a case. I always inform a consituent when I pass information to third parties in this way. These third parties are also bound by the provisions of the Act.

Information received from third parties

If I am given information about a consituent, or asked to act on behalf of a constituent by a third party (such as a neighbour, a relative or a friend) I may need to ask the constituent to confirm that they are happy for me to act on their behalf.

Retention periods

Any personal information I hold may be recorded on paper on in electronic form (eg on a computer). It will usually be kept for three years (or longer if the case concerned is still active) or until a new Member is elected for this consituency.

Right of access

A consituent has the right to see any personal information that I hold about him or her (whether on paper or electronically); if you believe that I may hold personal information about you and want to exercise this right, please send your request to me in writing at:

Sir George Young Bt MP
2 Church Close
Andover, Hants SP10 1DP

giving your address in the constituency and a telephone number at which you can be contacted. Please note that your request should be signed and that I or my staff may need to speak to you personally in order to verify that the person making the request is the consituent whose personal information is requested.

The Data Protection Act 1998

For more information about the Data Protection Act 1998 and how it is administered and enforced see

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