The Conservative Party Leadership

I'm keen to know the views of my constituents - and particularly the views of local Conservative Party Members - on the choice of Party Leader and the right future direction for the Party. In the next few days I will add to this page some opportunities for you to express a view. Meanwhile here are statements from and about the four challengers who have so far declared that they intend to stand:

Michael Ancram
- his statement as reported in The Times
(a full copy of the statement will be added here soon)

David Davis
- his "mission statement"

Michael Portillo
- the speech he made at the launch of his leadership campaign
an article he published in The Mail on Sunday

Ian Duncan Smith
- the statement he has published and circulated to Members of Parliament

If you have any immediate comments you want to make to me, please either email me ( or use the "Ask Your MP " facility (which includes "tell your MP!). Please mention your address in the constituency* and whether you are a member of the Conservatives.
(*Parliamentary protocol says I should focus on inputs from my own constituents)

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